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Slimme oplossingen... voor hedendaagse ICT behoeften






Nowadays companies see well-functioning IT and office automation as self-evident conditions for their daily activities. In short, it simply has to function smoothly without malfunctions so that employees can continue working ! By applying smart solutions, Microgiants IT Support creates these conditions. No nonsense explanations but working IT and automation solutions where quality and availability are paramount and affordability follows immediately.


Mission… What makes our hearts beat faster !

IT solutions… Your company wants to benefit from!

Only sell what your specialities are! Microgiants IT Support has created a  standard with which ICT efficiency and the choice of the right automation products are paramount.

With many years of experience in applying IT and automation solutions in the SME and corporate segment to smaller and larger companies we achieved this, which has proven to be of great benefit to our customers. Due to this professional standard, more and more customers are opting for Microgiant IT Support. Our customers have the certainty that they will obtain the best possible IT solution and service.

Microgiant’s mission is to ensure that you get the most out of your IT environment to achieve your company goals. Since we are alround in serving IT Solutions to end customers we can state that we are able to serve every branche, yours also!

Our specialities lay in servicing Technology and Medical startups and spinn offs,  throughout the whole Netherlands, but especially in the Eindhoven, Tilburg, Den Bosch and Eindhoven High Tech Campus region.

    • Corporate Solutions with a SME pricetag.
    • Proactive computer maintenance, with which we rather monitor your network instead of waisting your time and ours.
    • Wifi networks with affordable product choises, which give the same perfect result as the expensive brands.
    • Presenting the benefits of refurbished hardware as an alternative of new retail products.
    • A helpdesk that speaks understandable language.
    • Helping you to build a “Smart” office, which gives you great savings.
    • System administration with a certified level of service and a set monthly fee.
    • VoIP telephony with integration of Mobile in your landline network.

These are some of our ideas and solutions that will greatly benefit your business.

Making the most of your IT environment… is our main goal!







System Administration


Companies, including your organization, can expect IT to work always! Companies must be able to fully focus on core activities without having to spend time on IT and automation problems. That is why Microgiants IT support has System Management as its main focus.

In order to find the right solution for your company, system administration is always a taylor made service. Together we will choose from the various options and services in order to achieve an ideally fitting service. Efective monitoring your IT solution is our System administration it will benefit your company and will prevent system downtime from faillure.

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You are stuck with a computer question, your software needs to be updated and you do not know how, you believe that your working process could be more efficient, but you do not know how …? Computer problems make your day less efficient. This way you don’t get to the things that are important.

Microgiants IT Support has its own helpdesk. Our specialists remotely control your computersystem with remote control software so you can sit back and watch how your question is answered or your computer problem is solved. Microgiant’s helpdesk is accessible for all customers, companies of all size but also home end users.

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Computer Hardware Systems

PBX Phone solution - VoIP

Cloud, Internet and Hosting

People choose to purchase their computer system, server or other product from Microgiants IT support, because all computer systems are installed and configured to yor wishes or needs.

Our technical service in Nuenen, prepares your purchase and after this it is installed at your office or home and made fully operational.

Our customers choose this combination because they are so sure that they will buy a computer system that works perfectly and has the right service and warranty applied.

Microgiants is your partner in refurbished computer products. A refurfurbished computer system is renewed by installing new parts cleaned and all software is newley installed. A refurbished product is a high quality computer system for an entry-level price.

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Over the last years telephony has become an integrated part of your IT solution. A PBX is the term used for a software telephone exchange central. This central replaces the physical central formerly used. A PBX can be installed on  your computer or server systems if desired as a virtual appliance on VM-ware, or it can be used as a rental model in our PBX cloud solution. Smart integration of the PBX software in your other business software makes calling a lot easier and more efficient. In addition, all your devices (tablet, mobile phone and PC) can be connected to the PBX, which increases your availabillity to customers. There are also various VoIP telephone devices, which works the same as the classic telephone.

One of the advantages of a VoIP system is that it is location unbound and so you are free to use and access your PBX from all locations where an internet connection is available.

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In particular, SMEs have made the transition to Cloud Computing in recent years, where many smaller companies previously owned a company server, it nowadays has become obsolete.

Microgiants guides companies in their transition to a suitable cloud solution while we ensure that no data is lost.

Our engineers have extensive experience with these conversions and that is why this is very familiar territory for us. In addition to the cloud services that Microgiants offers, we are a partner of most internet connection providers. We take care of your connection in-house, assuring you a single point of contact.

Our hosting servers host your website and online services on our own hardware in our data center.

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