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Cloud services mean to your company that you no longer invest in expensive equipment, maintenance and service, but can rent functionality scalable without investing!

But moving your business server to the cloud basically means moving the beating heart of your Company office. This is why good planning and advice is essential for the success of your assignment.

Microgiants guides companies in the move to the cloud. Together with our custommer we look at the (im) possibilities. Your mail, address books and agenda are often easily moved to the cloud, but in the case of business applications, accounting packages, databases, and fax & printing it can be a trickier story.

Thus, for example, a hybrid solution with NAS server on site and office 365 in the cloud or for example a terminal desktop in the cloud can also be chosen.


Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is booming! Microsoft’s solution to put your e-mail, calendar and contacts in the cloud works at low cost and will get your expensive e-mail server out of your business. Office 365 offers high security and in addition great scalability. You always have access to the latest Microsoft Office software suite. Now and in the future.

One of the biggest benefits of Office 365 is that you can be reached everywhere as long as you have an internet connection. The Office applications can be installed on 5 devices per user with the Business Premium version.
And say so yourself, when do you no longer have internet in these days?
The quality and speed of the connections increases and by removing the roaming costs abroad (within Europe) you can leave the 3G / 4G on when you leave.

Owncloud (Next Cloud)

Dropbox and Microsoft One drive are the best known cloud storage providers at this moment. However, these services store their data in places you have no control over and of which you do not know the security policy. Owncloud (Next Cloud) has the same functionality as Dropbox. However, it is installed on your own network and servers.

Own Cloud (Next Cloud) is a product that is installed on your own (VMware) server so that you actually control your own cloud storage in a location and secure environment of your choice. Own Cloud (Next Cloud) is an “open Source” and therefore free package. Microgiants installed Own Cloud (next Cloud) at various customer sites. It offers a solution for customers who want to manage IP (Intelectual Property) safely themselves. For example, sensitive customer and patient data can also be stored properly in a self-managed cloud solution such as Own Cloud (Next Cloud).

Windows and Linux Webhosting

Your website well and securely placed on the internet. Your website is your “business card on the internet” and therefore availability is of great importance. We take care of the hosting of your website and provide an excelent technical support. Microgiants hosts its own servers situated in multiple data centers.

We provide Windows and Linux hosting for our customers. Microgiants says: Your webspace is part of your network. This is why it is important your hosting provider is the same professional party that also takes care of your total IT needs. This prevents multiple parties from working with your total IT solution. Hoting package prices start at € 3.75 per month.