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Productivity without delay!

Every professional has his specialism. We have ours and so we suppport our customers every day, to ensure that they can do their job hastlefree.

For most entrepreneurs, a computer system is the most important tool. So it is important that your working day is not unnecessarily delayed by searchingĀ  for solutions to computer problems yourself.

The Microgiants Helpdesk is at your service to solve minor and major computer problems immediately every day. Via our remote control software we can view your computer system and with a few clicks ensure that a malfunction is resolved quickly.

For Business Customers

Helpdesk subscription

For a fixed amount per month, you sign a subscription that states the desired service level as well as the response time in which Microgiants responds to your Computer and server incidents.

All computer questions and problems are covered within your agreement whether it is a major outage or a question “how to print labels in Excel”. We recommend the subscription option if you want to control and budget your costs. Also if you want or need computer support regularly. This also gives guarantees in business situations where continuity of your business and your IT is of high importance.

Maintenance agreement

At a fixed price per month, we compile a service level together with you. This customized package provides assurance for your entire IT and Automation environment. Support helpdesk is a part of this package.

The various services and desired service levels are determined on the basis of an SLA. If you have additional computer failures or questions, they are covered within the agreement. By combining services in a smart way, a total package can be created that reduces costs. A total package always offers 10% to 15% discount on our normal price levels.

Per case / Ad hoc

You call Microgiants ICT management if you face a computer and IT question or problem. You are chargedĀ  in units of 15 minutes each time you use our support. You can always check the provided solutions trough our Microgiants helpdesk portal.

You have no fixed monthly expenses, but accept that you may have more costs in one month than the other. Relations with a maintenance contract have priority over relations without a maintenance contract. After all, a maintenance contract includes response and resolution times. Adhoc use our IC=T services works on the basis of “Best Efford”.

For private customers

Helpdesk subscription

At a fixed amount per month you purchase a helpdesk subscription. This help desk subscription corresponds to a predetermined number of minutes, for example 15 (small) 30 minutes (medium) or 60 minutes (large).

Every month, the monthly amount is automatically debited from your account via Sepa direct debit. On an annual basis, we will check whether you have used more or less as agreed. This will result in a adjustment in the following year, up or down.

Per case / Ad hoc

You call Microgiants if you have a computer related questions or problems. You will be charged per case in units of 15 minutes.

You get less priority in planning as you have no agreement on reaction times and resolution times. Your IT spendings are variable montly.