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Your partner in Internet connections

Internet is a very self-evident service for most companies, but there are quite a few connection types and service levels.

The price of an internet connection is for the most part determined by the service level that it relys on. Private connection providers such as “Online or Telfort” have a service level of “best effort“. This means that in case of problems you have no guarantee whatsoever over the resolving time of the problem. In this scenario a breakdown can suddenly become expensive in focus of the continuity of your company. Without an internet connection your company will fall silent.

Microgiants uses various service levels from which you can choose, so that you choose the connection that fits perfectly with your company structure and wishes for the right price and with the right availability.

As your internet supplier we have access to the systems and networks of major parties such as Ziggo, KPN or Reggefiber, directly.  In case of requests or changes we can quickly fullfill these requirements.

If you want to migrate your internet connection to a connection from Microgiants, we will be happy to take care of this for you.

We will transfer your current connection free of charge to a connection from Microgiants, hereby we also take care of the cancellation of your current connection so that there are no unnecessary bills for double services.

Contact us via the contact form so that we can make an inventory of your current internet connection (s), and also perform an availability test for the connections that are possible at your location.

Wifi main connection method 2018

The importance of a well-functioning Wi-Fi network is greater than ever. The number of mobile devices has increased explosively; we use more Wi-Fi spots outside the home and operators are also investing heavily in WiFi to further develop their voice services.

Microgiants BV specializes in the installation of Wi-Fi networks, which enables us to offer the right solution for every coverage problem. With the professional access points of Ubiquiti and Engenius we configure a wireless wifi solution that works well and has sufficient coverage.
Even in more complex environments such as the High Tech Campus Eindhoven and Brainport, we can provide your office with good WiFi. This can be done by installation via own equipment or via the public campus network where we ensure that your Wi-Fi network as Vlan works within the existing Wi-Fi network trough Radius.

Huge growth in number of devices
Not only the number of mobile devices that use the internet has increased. App and internet use on these devices has grown enormously. There are apps developed for every use you can think of.
These mobile devices are more often and often not only used in private but also at work. The pressure on existing Wi-Fi networks is therefore increasing. The risk may arise that this Wi-Fi usage hinders critical business processes – which run via the same network.

Soon we will use WiFi telephony calls
The importance of a good Wi-Fi network is further emphasized by VoWifi (Voice over Wi-Fi), the technology where voice runs via the Wi-Fi connection. It is a form of VoIP (Voice over IP) that Dutch providers will use to the full. For example, KPN recently announced that it wants to introduce VoWifi in 2018. Vodafone has already started using Wi-Fi calling.

By combining and integrating the fixed and the mobile network, you automatically get the best connection that is available. A welcome development, certainly business. The mobile in-house coverage often leaves a lot to be desired, as a result of which people are inaccessible or experience a bad connection. At the same time, it protects the mobile network, which increases the total capacity.

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