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Dear customer, dear reader,

We would like to inform you about the developments that have recently taken place within our
company Microgiants.

We would like to do this in this newsletter.

Microgiants has decided to take a new and more targeted approach and set a revised course.

Here, a lot of work has been done “behind the scenes” to shape the new and improved Microgiants.

At the moment we are in the final phase of this process and it is time to inform you as our valued customer.

Bij de notaris
kantoor Microgiants ICT

As you know, Joep Willems has been working at Microgiants for about 5 years and since this employment has been very successful, it has been decided to let Joep participate in the company. Joep will from now on be co-director of the new Microgiants BV, where he will continue the job as System engineer but also as Technical Director.

Joep has accepted this position and became co-director from 6 October.

From now on he will be responsible in a team for the technical side of the company and the communication towards the customer in this area.

Marc van Dijkhuizen gained a new position in the management position by joining Joep Willems in the company where he will be responsible for the commercial side of the company. Since Joep and Marc both have a technical background, they will of course support each other where necessary.

Ralph van Elden will remain in his position as a commercial employee and together with Marc van Dijkhuizen he will form the commercial team.
Ampy Negapatan and Marjan Goevaers will continue the function of administrative mediator as they are used to.

Our office has moved to Nuenen, where our roots were already as a company. From now on we are located at Wederikdreef 8, 5672 BS in Nuenen. It has turned out that the new office location offers us more opportunities to better profile ourselves.

There are also more technical possibilities
. In addition, our location is not very important to many of our customers
because we often provide our services “remote”.

The focus of the new Microgiants has also shifted to more project
and business customers who are looking for the highest quality

Our product portfolio is more focused on quality where little concession is made.

For you as a customer nothing changes in this respect, in fact the service we have provided in the past will improve your ICT service provider by shifting this focus.

A new force has also been acquired in the person of Aram Rammo, who presents himself at the bottom of this letter. Aram will support Joep in the daily technical work and will fulfill a function at our helpdesk.

If necessary, we will approach you to discuss the changes that Microgiants brings for you as a customer.


If you have any questions regarding this letter, you can contact us. Via the telephone number already known to you: 040-2513737 or via


Marc van Dijkhuizen, Joep Willems,
Team Microgiants ICT management

Suggest a circle Ramram:

Hello my name is Aram Rammo. From mid-November, I will fulfill the function at Microgiants BV as a Helpdesk employee. After gaining extensive experience, first as a sales employee and product specialist at Hewlet Packard and then as an employee at Paradigit Computers, Microgiants gave me the opportunity to continue and develop my career as a technical specialist. In addition to the knowledge I already possess of computers and computer networks, I follow an education as an ICT administrator at the Summa college. My passionate personality and perseverance make me suitable for this position and will ensure for you as a customer that you get the service and solutions that you are used to from Microgiants BV. You will find me if you contact our helpdesk. (option 2 in our phone menu.)

I hope to speak to you very soon.