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A well-functioning computer and IT-environment ensures a productive working day … Professional workplace management is therefore essential!

Do you want to know more about workplace management?

You too can have a pleasant working environment with a professional IT infrastucture. We gladly want to show how you can achieve this.



Efficient and uninterrupted use of IT-environment, hardware, software and online connections at every workstation is a prerequisite for optimally executing business activities.

Installation, design and (proactive) maintenance of the workplace have developed into a professional service and core business at Microgiants.

Workplace management offers a cost efficient solution. For a fixed amount per month you are assured of a high and constant service level and an optimally functioning IT workplace! Our monitoring center keeps a close eye on your workstations and server systems. This allows us to intervene effectively when necessary. This new proactive method of managing your network and IT-environment works very cost-saving and is extremely efficient.

Microgiants IT Monitoring

By connecting your workstation or server to the Microgiants Monitoring Center, failures are traced even before they become a problem for business continuity. This means that action is only taken when necessary and this system often works pre-emptively. Imagine that there is a software technician in the server or workstation (an “agent”) who notifies and ensures that action is taken.

In the past, classic system management was the way to keep your computers and IT-environment funtioning. This was carried out with periodic system maintenance, adjusting and optimizng the IT-environment. Similar to servicing your car.

Nowadays this can be much more efficient and cost effective.

After creating a report on our monitoring system of a part of your hardware, the Microgiants help desk engineers take care of the follow-up of the detected failures from our office. You receive a report and solution of the malfunction with the time worked. Every week you receive a report about the overall state of your network and IT-environment.

This new form of system management is many times more effectual and very cost-effective.

Microgiants Sys Management

Microgiants has system management as its core activity. We keep your hardware and data in top working condition! You can focus on your core tasks as an entrepreneur. Periodic system management is usually used at Microgiants as part of a total package of services “workplace management”. During system maintenance your computers and server are provided with the latest updates and patches.

Microgiants uses a checklist for servers and workstations of more than 50 checks. Here we test, where necessary improve and optimize your IT-environment so that your IT deparment is and remains in top condition. The combination of monitoring, system management and our supportdesk proves to be extremely effectual and cost effective.

Let us take a closer look at your IT-environment with the “IT check”, this gives you a second opinion on your current IT-environment. This quarantees that you have a cost-saving and most efficient IT-environment and network solution available.

Bel ons

SLA: no surprises

IT costs budgeted and manageable! An SLA (Service Level Agreement) is the name of what Microgiants calls a service agreement that you can build on. We work with a model of “fixed costs”, agreed “response times”. Microgiants is responsible for your IT-environment. This way your IT costs can be clearly budgeted so that you have no surprises afterwards.

Microgiants workplace management concept is extremely flexible. Together with the entrepreneur, we put a package of services that is fully customized. This means that it also has a “tailor made package”. You can choose to cover everything to have high certainty. Or for example you can bare part of the “risk” of failures and continuity problems yourself, which of course makes a difference in the monthly fee.

The majority of our customers choose this concept because they want to know where they are at and do not want any surprises afterwards. The most important: Certainty of business, without risk. When a major disruption occurs that has an impact on the continuity of your company, you know that you can fall back on “workplace management”. You get priority in our planning with a service agreement.

Lower downtime

Less incidents

Productivity increased

More efficiency