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VoIP is indispensable from today’s automation. In addition to the unprecedented possibilities to integrate this protocol into your existing business processes, there is of course the considerable savings that VoIP telephony provides.

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3CX Software SIP central

3CX is a VoIP central software application that is installed on your own company server. The package has unprecedented possibilities and offers call center functionality. You choose 3CX “on premise” when you want to connect more devices. 3CX sip central is a one-time investment with minimal recurring costs. 3CX “on premise” becomes interesting when using over 10 VoIP devices.

3CX contains extension modules for call centers and hotels. Georaphic spread is not an issue, the “home office” or the “2nd branch” is connected to your 3CX server over the internet. 3CX also provides handy free apps for mobile phone to install within you 3CX solution. Medium to large organizations opt for 3CX they are choosing a highly reliable comprehensive telephone solution functionality at an affordable price.

You can integrate 3CX into your business software or call from Microsoft Outlook. It is possible to connect a head set directly to your computer or to work with VoIP telephone devices. You choose the desired number of siptrunks that are connected to your exchange, this is also always expandable.

3CX Cloud Central

You can also choose to place your central functionality in the “cloud”. This means that you will no longer have a central location at your own company location, your central state is software in our datacenter on a server and you rent this solution. The hosted 3CX formula works per device extension per month. This can thus easily be scaled up and down.

In the workplace you use VoIP devices, the Windows call application or the call client on your mobile phone. These connect directly to the Cloud exchange over the Internet. The functionality of the Cloud VoIP solution is very extensive and can be programmed anywhere in the world. The advantage of a Cloud central is that you no longer invest in your own telephone exchange equipment, you pay per device per month and can therefore easily expand and are highly scalable.

Mobile fixed integration

Your mobile phone as part of your VoIP network? By purchasing SIM cards within the VoIP package you integrate your mobile phone within the 3CX telephony solution. This makes your mobile an extension of your desktop phone and you do not have to be inaccessible for your customers and colleagues.

The advantages are that your mobile number will be an internal number within your organization to which you can transfer to. If you are abcent of your workpot you are still reachable trough the mobile phone extension which seamlessly takes over from the phone at the workplace. You also make internal calls with your colleagues over the mobile network for free. The whole telephony solution is presented in one clear invoice. You will get the most out of this state of the art telephone solution.

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